Norristown Municipal Waste Authority



235 E. Airy Street, 2nd Flr
Norristown, PA 19401
Phone: 610-270-3190

Fax: 610-270-3192


Office hours (M/F):
8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

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STOP before you pour grease down the sink drain.  Grease builds up inside the sewer pipe in your house as well as the sewer lateral leading from your house.  This can block your sewer and cause a backup in your house.


Effective January 1, 2014 the NMWA rates have changed to:

Service charge per month                                     $9.80

Usage from 0 to 2,300 gallons per month            $1.59 per 1,000 gallons

Usage over 2,300 gallons per month                    $5.84 per 1,000 gallons


Property on well but connected to sewer system               $16.30 per month

Construction Update - Wastewater Treatment Plant:
The Authority has awarded two construction contracts for the installation of two (2) post-aeration tanks and a concrete pad for an air blower along with underground piping, air diffusers and dissolved oxygen meters to monitor and regulate the operation of the blower at the wastewater treatment plant.  The purpose of the project is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the effluent prior to its discharge to the Schuylkill River in order to comply with the new dissolved oxygen limits in the permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for the treatment facility.  The work is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2014.


About the NMWA
The Norristown Municipal Waste Authority was formed in 1993 for the purpose of operating the municipality's sewer system.  The Authority is governed by a Board appointed by the Municipal Council for a five-year term.
The Authority owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant and the collection sewers of the Municipality.  The wastewater treatment facility is located at 368 East Washington Street and discharges effluent to the Schuylkill River.  The plant serves both the Municipality and the Township of West Norriton.

In August 2008 the Authority signed a Consent Order and Agreement (CO&A) Amendment with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The CO&A Amendment broke the collection system into geographic quadrants or "Quads" and established time frames for the investigation, rehabilitation and flow monitoring work to be done in each Quad with a goal of reducing the amount of rainwater or infiltration/inflow ("I/I") entering the collection system and ultimately the wastewatre treatment plant (please review the information presented under the Infiltration and Inflow tab.)  The CO&A Amendment mandates the completion of the work and the issuance of a final report by Febuary 2019 documenting the amount of I/I removed from the collection system.


The work involves the following in each Quad:


  • Televising of the majority of the sanitary sewer mains to determine the condition of the sewer.  This has been completed.
  • Repair/replacement of sanitary sewer mains in critical condition.  This has been completed in Quad 1.
  • Rehabilitation of manholes, including manhole inserts to prevent rainwater from entering the manhole, new manhole covers, and the replacement of manhole frames and covers, as needed.  This has been completed in Quad 1.
  • Installation of inserts in the cleanouts of the sewer pipe servicing individual properties.  This work is ongoing in each Quad.