Does it cost anything to sign up for online bill payment? Is there a cost to use the service?

No. Signing up is free. If you choose to make a one-time payment electronically, NMWA does charge a convenience fee per transaction to use this service. For credit or debit cards, the fee is $3.00 flat fee below $113.00 anything above $113.00 there is a 2.65% fee. If you sign up for auto pay of your sewer bill, there is no transaction fee. You can drop off or mail a voided check to the authority office.




What should I do if there is a backup?

Contact a plumber to clear any internal drain lines and to clear the private sewer line from your home to the connection on the Authority's main line. Once the private sewer line is cleared to the Authority's main sewer line and all roots, grease, and debris have been removed, then the private line should drain as normal. This should be done before you contact the Authority to investigate the issue.

Homeowners own the private sewer line from the house to the Authority's main sewer line. As such, they are responsible for maintenance and repair of this private sewer line. All costs involved with locating the problem are the responsibility of the property owner.

What causes a sewer backup?

Clogs or blockages in sewer lines can be caused by materials settling in the pipe and, in turn, partially or completely block the sewer pipe. Such blockages can occur either in the Authority's main sewer line or in the private sewer service line that the property owner owns and maintains.

The private line, also known as the lateral line, connects your home or building to the public sewer system. Wastewater from your sinks, showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines flow through the lateral line to the public sewer system. Lateral lines can be blocked or obstructed by items flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain, as well as by tree roots and other obstructions.

​Ways to avoid backups are: Never pour grease or oil down a drain, including a garbage disposal; never flush any non-soluble down the toilet; never connect roof drains, downspouts or sump pumps to the sewer drain pipes.

 What is a Tapping Fee?

A tapping fee is the amount that must be paid for each unit of capacity and conveyance of public sewer treatment. The tapping fee is based on the cost of building and/or purchasing capacity divided by the number of units of capacity that can be treated or conveyed for treatment. The best way to determine your tapping fee is to call or visit the Authority and provide your property location. The Authority maintains a map of the Township with related tapping fees and will quickly determine the applicable sewer basin and associated tapping fee.

What is an EDU?

An EDU, or "Equivalent Dwelling Unit," is defined as one single-family residential household. It is the unit of measure by which the user is charged for sewer services provided by NMWA. It is calculated and imposed on each improved property served as determined in accordance with the Sewer Use Ordinance. Non-residential facilities are calculated depending on the usage.

Will I be billed if I fill my swimming pool?

Because sewage usage charge is based upon water usage, you will be charged for filling your pool.

What happens if I have a credit on my account?

If your account has a credit balance that is approximately one month's average sewer bill, the credit will remain on the account and will be applied towards your next quarterly bill.  Any credit balance exceeding this amount may be refunded to you by contacting NMWA and requesting a refund.

I am buying a home in Norristown Borough, how do I start sewer service?

Contact Pa American Water at 1-800-565-7292 set up your water service, then complete our New Owner Form and submit to or drop off at the administrative office.

What form of payment is accepted at the Administrative Office?

Cash, personal check, certified check, money order or credit card.

What if my water was shut off due to nonpayment of sewer?

If your water has been shut off for nonpayment you need to come to the administrative office. The NMWA will charge an amount of $100.00, which will be added to your bill, to have the water service turned back on. This fee plus the unpaid sewer charges plus any interest applied to the unpaid sewer charges must be paid in full at the Authority office by cash, certified check, or money order before water service is restored.