Sewer Certifications

If you need a sewer certification in connection with the sale of a property or the refinancing of a mortgage, contact the Authority office.  The Authority can only issue a certification for sewer billings starting in 2006.  The fee for this certification is $35 and we must have the check in hand before processing the certification.

To request a sewer certification, mail a request form and a $35 check to the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority at 25 E. Marshall Street Norristown, PA 19401 NMWA Request Form for Sewer Certification

Any check that is not issued for the correct amount will be returned to the company and a sewer certificaiton will NOT be issued.


Validity date for the sewer certification will be stated on the form.  After the validity date you must contact the NMWA to receive an updated notification.  There is no additional charge for the first update, provided it is within 30 days from the validity date.  Thereafter, there will be another certification fee charged.